moments with abhijit

we used to meet occasionally, often during the CEE seminars on wednesdays, that was a great time we used to have, all together, making fun ........

I still remember , when he used to explain himself as a shy guy, and not wanting to go into big parties with lot of strangers, but he enjoyed company with friends he started to know more ......

A Special Person

I'm finding that words can't express how much sorrow I feel over the loss of this fine young man.  He was *always* smiling and quick to laugh at even my bad jokes.  I think he loved it here, enjoyed every day, lived every day.  He will be sorely missed. 

Loss of a special person

I did not know Abhijit personally, but over the past several days I have met many whose live were touched by this extraordinary man. Our community has lost something so important - and my heart goes out to his family. Abhijit - you are in my prayers.

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