I didn't knew him directly, but heard about nim. He was a great person, down to earth, eversmiling. Since I am reading online Indian newspapers, one feels sad, to read about his parents. May GOD give them strength to bear this loss

A few memories....,

Although I'm the Chair of the Department in which Abhijit was enrolled as a graudate student, he was my teaching assistant last semester and was taking my graduate class this semester, so his loss has an acute personal dimension for me. Abhijit was a bright, friendly guy. As my teaching assistant he always willingly accepted his duties with a ready smile (and a slight, characteristic wobble of the head) despite the heavy workload he endured as a typical engineering graduate student. He was rigorous in his standards (I think it’s fair

Fond Memories

I've known Abhijit since he first came to Duke. We have worked together as members of the computational mechanics lab. During a portion of last summer, Abhijit and I were the only lab members here working. I fondly remember times when I was most frustrated with my work and I would take breaks to talk to him. Abhijit would laugh at something I had said and his laugh was so contagious. Just to hear him laugh so genuinely, because of something I had said, would always lift my spirit and make me laugh.

Condolences to friends and family

I did not know Abhijit but I am nonetheless very saddened by his death and wish to send my respects to his friends and family. I am so very sorry that this happened and that this young man's potential won't be realized.

Friends depart, and memory takes them, To her caverns, pure and deep. - Thomas Bayley

He was fondly known as Gatu da.

You will always remain in our hearts ....

Abhijit was the first person I knew at Duke. Such was his personality , always making sure that all the new students felt at home. It was not until later that I got to know him really well and his interest in poetry and music , always keen to tell us more about the rich Bengali culture. 

We will miss you Abhijit , you will always remain in our hearts. 

Deeply saddened....

I don't know Abhijit personally. However from all what everyone has been saying, it is very clear that we have lost a very lovable and bright scientist. This should be a wake up call to the community in general to increase the safety measures around the campus, only sad part is, it should not have happened at the loss of a valuable life.

Abhijit Mahato, some memories

When I first came to Duke and the computational mechanics lab, I had a year of being somewhat of an “only child” to my advisor. Hearing that there was another student coming on, I was ready to be defensive and selfish, especially because it was someone clearly more advanced than I was. It turned out to be this totally disarming, funny and nice guy named Abhijit. He was so bright, which was at first intimidating, but then still willing to commiserate with you about difficult classes or confusing research questions.

Some Thoughts

A terrible loss for the University and the scientific
community. Abhijit's respectful, open-minded character and his clear thinking made an immediate impression on me. Many questions need answering for his unfair death. We were not best friends, but his character was exemplary for me and I will remember him with respect.

Struggling to find words

Abhijit has been a cherished member of my research group since August of 2006, and in truth, I feel like I knew him long before that (we corresponded frequently before he decided to attend Duke).  Words cannot express how I felt about him---as a person, as a friend, and as an engineering scientist with limitless promise.  I will always be grateful for the time I had with him, and wish only that it might have been longer....

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